Good Food in Egypt: Not an Oxymoron

Eating has become one of our favorite pastimes. It's really an adventure, not being able to read a menu and not knowing what it is even if they tell you. We have really enjoyed trying out some of the local food although we must confess to having visited Pizza Hut and finding hamburgers and fries at a smoky little restaurant in Maadi called Lucille's. Great burgers and fries! . Sam’s favorite local food is shwerma, a sandwich with either beef or chicken that’s been compressed and cooked on a spit, then chopped up with tomatoes and garnish and put on a roll. Emma really likes the bread (aish) and has taken to falafels. Sarah Jane also likes many breads, fuul (broad bean soup) and the strawberries. Megan discovered tahini and baba ghanoug, an eggplant dip that is kind of spicy. She also likes labneh, a yogurt with mint. We like that on our falafels. Kushari was good too (a dish with noodles rice, black lentils chickpeas, served with tomato sauce). Fiteer is Egyptian pizza; thin flaky pastry makes the crust. We made the mistake of getting it take-out, and its trip into the bag and home smooshed it a bit. Lentil soup (shourba ads) was a hit with almost all of us. Omm Ali is a yummy dessert -kind of like bread pudding made with pastry and milk.

I decided to try a dish called Molokhiyya because the menu said to eat this if your wanted to “feel Egyptian.” I ate this green sludge poured over a bed of meatballs and rice, and I pity the Egyptian people if they feel the way I did after eating this.


Mich said...

Not knowing what you are eating???? Wow are you brave! Miss the Peabody Cafeteria? I ask Dave almost every day, "What is this?"

Hugs and love,

Modern Pharaoh said...

Nothing like Egyptian Food!