Farewell For Now to Egypt

I had no idea how attached we would become to the people and place of Egypt. I knew a bit about how captivating the history would be, and I had high hopes as to getting to know some of the locals here. But everything has exceeded my expectations. The monuments, temples, tombs, and museums were much more numerous, grand, mystifying, and overwhelming than I ever imagined. Our visit and studies have only whet our appetite for more. Likewise, the people here were more numerous, grand, mystifying, and overwhelming in addition to being warm and inviting. We’ve made many new friends along the way and hope that we will one day be able to return the hospitality shown to us. We will return again someday! Thank you Kerry & Marcus, Dan & Kathy, Ahmed & Mostafa (our taxi drivers), Jane Akshar, Mohammed Ismail, Egyptology News (for linking to our blog), and everyone else who helped us along the way.

There’s something to be said about reflecting in the moment, and it has been really good for us to process via regular blogs. But I also hope that reflecting on Egypt from a different cultural perspective (i.e. Greece, Rome, back home in America) may also be fruitful. I will write more about Egypt throughout our trip as I reflect on our experiences. We already miss this place.

Farewell Luxor


linnie said...

The area near your flat and during your "long walk" reminded us of Cabo. Also, we were wondering/laughing and hoping you knew what each of the songs were about that you are using.---especially the one with all the kissing sounds! We will miss Egypt, family Robertson! We miss you all!

jane.akshar said...

Your farewell to Luxor was so well done. You are an excellent blogger Marty. Both the Mohammeds watched it with me and were blowing kisss to Emma. We miss you and hope to see you guys back at the flats again.

Dixon Family said...

I love it! Your writing + videos give such a great slice of life. Reading and watching is creating some serious wanderlust for us.