Capital Idea

It has been said somewhere that there is power in knowing a name. Here’s your opportunity to gain a little power concerning Greek architecture. Here is a brief guide to naming the capitals, thanks to the archaeological museum at Ancient Corinth. The ruins there weren’t very well labeled, but we found this tidbit of information very helpful. I have arranged them in order of appearance in history and ornamentation. I hope this is helpful.

Doric Capital

Ionic Capital

Aeolic Capital

Corinthian Capital

Chimaera Capital

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Marcus and Kerry said...

Hey you guys! Loving the pictures, as always! The pictures of Santorini were beautiful, but there's something about seeing Corinth in absolute ruins. I mean, considering how corrupt the culture was there, it seems somewhat fitting I think. The Acrocorinth sounded interesting, Marcus and I will have to explore it when we got to Greece.
We hope you had fun with your friends! I'm sure it was awesome to see someone from home. We'll be down in SB the last weekend of July, looking forward to seeing you then!