Thank you Stephanie!

We have been blessed in countless ways by our new friend, Stephanie Feagin, in Tuscany. You can call her Captain Feagin if you want. She works for the US Army at a base near Pisa. Her home is out in the country a half hour away from the base and Pisa and just about anything else. We had never met Steph in person until we showed up at her doorstep. We were introduced via email by a friend, Jessica, (who is now our friend too) of our friends the Liseas (thanks guys!). From our first email exchange with Stephanie, she was offering her home to us with true sincerity and graciousness. Wow. We came and stayed and stayed and didn’t want to leave. You can ask Stephanie how she felt about that! Actually, we all hit it off and had a great time together. We enjoyed great conversations and hanging out with Stephanie, meeting her friends, reading her books, and getting a look into her life (including visits to the army base!). We enjoyed her wonderful home and did our best to show her how much we appreciated it all. We were able to finally experience some rest from the hectic pace we had kept for four months. And once we slowed down, we realized just how much we needed it. We also got to explore several wonderful Tuscan towns and the Cinqueterra from our “home base.” We saw some really good Etruscan sites too. So even in our rest there was still something new to learn about ancient civilizations. It was an all-around perfectly timed and placed respite in our travels. Thank you, thank you, thank you Stephanie!

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