Getting Ready

Only four more days until we leave. We are frantically packing our house so that the friends who will be staying here can actually have some space to themselves. It's kind of like packing your house to move. Add to that the chaos of packing our travel bags. Each of us will have a daypack. In addition Megan and I will carry full sized backpacks with all the essentials. The kids are finding it difficult to limit what beloved toys they can fit into their daypacks. Stuffed animals, knitting, books, journals, cards, GameBoys, snacks, a change of clothes, jackets; they fill a daypack pretty quick. Megan and I are carrying the bulk of the clothing and goods. It's amazing how many vitamins, first aid, and toiletries a family "needs!" And then there are the books... travel guides, journals, research, and personal reading. Add to that a healthy load of electronics (laptop, ipods, cameras, cell phone, pda, shavers, flashlights, rechargers and converters) and our backpacks are just about full. But we're almost there. Monday's coming.


FishMama said...

Hey Robertsons!

Thanks so much for sending us the link. I've added you to our bloglines page, so we'll be able to check you often. How exciting! Wish we could join you. Make sure you tell how we can be praying for you in your posts.

Love you all,
The Fishers

Sirica said...

Wow, how exciting!!! I am so thankful for all of you! But, boy will we ever miss you tons!!! =(
Reeve Clan & Bela, too.

laura said...

Marty, Megan, kids,
I'm sitting here Sunday evening, just got back from Cambria, and realize that I won't see you before you leave. (I hope Craig & the kids see you at church.)
I love you all. I will miss you. We will all miss you. (Daniel will especially miss Emma!) I will pray for you. What an incredible adventure you're going on. Have fun!!!!!!!! (and eat some gelato for me when you get to Italy!)
Love, Laura

Ronda Perea said...

We had planned to escort you out of Santa Barbara and were disappointed that your time changed from 10 to 8 am. Sorry we missed you but too many goodbyes can be overwhelming. We love yo and will miss you tremendously. Can't wait for the first blog post. Will be praying for your long journey to Cairo. Hope the benedryl works well!!! Love and Prayers, Ronda

--ginger. said...

Yeeeeeeeeeeeehaw! You're off! What's going on now? What about now? Right now? We want to know!

Love to you all--can't wait to hear the first you-can't-believe-what-emma-did-in-the-airport-john story.

Michelle said...

i like all of your stuff mostly the ipod and computer......JKLOL