The Palatine Hill

This grassy hill is where Rome really began. Remember the legend of Remus and Romulus? This is the city location that Romulus wanted, fought and killed his brother over, and eventually founded the city of Rome upon. On the north side of the hill is the Foro Romano. On the south side of the hill is the Circus Maximus. It overlooks the Tiber River. It’s prime real estate, but not worth killing your brother over.

In addition to the story of Remus and Romulus there is evidence that Bronze Age people lived on this very hill even predating the April 21, 754 BC date of Romulus. Aside from the temples built upon the northern slope of the hill, there were no real public structures built here. During Rome’s growth as a Republic it became a neighborhood for the rich and famous Patricians, elite upper class. When Augustus became emperor in 44 BC he decided to build a palace on the hill for himself. After that every emperor decided to live here as well. The hill eventually became one huge palace for whoever happened to be emperor. It's a beautiful place for a walk through lots of ruined palace structures.

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