Happy Birthday Emma!

That’s right, Emma had a birthday on May 8th. She climbed into our bed early in the morning and flopped on her back. She hoisted her legs into the air, examined her pajama bottoms and exclaimed, “Look Mommy, my legs are still the same as when I was three!” This was followed later by the discovery that her socks still fit as well. I think she was expecting a bit more to happen when she reached that momentous age of four. Maybe that’s why she refused to wear clothing for most of the day.

She got to be queen/tyrant for the day with us following her every decree. She made a list the week before and was determined to make sure that we did what was on the list without deviations: pancake breakfast, video movies, playing in the sprinkler, games with Sam and Sarah Jane, opening gifts, macaroni and cheese for lunch, eat candy, balloon decorations, walk to the park, hot dogs and ice cream for dinner. Her goal was to stay around the house all day. Funny what travel does to kids. It took quite a bit of convincing, since our late afternoon event was not on the list, but we finally got her to get in the car and go out for gelato.

Dinner was celebrated with our two new friends Stephanie and Jessica. Emma entertained us once again but not with the usual singing. This time she demonstrated her lungpower by driving us crazy with her birthday horn blower. She was quite angry as put her down for bed saying that we let her stay up too late. I told her sorry and said that there were three big sleepy kids ready for bed. “No Daddy. There is only one great big sleepy kid - me!” We love Emma and the joy she brings us every day!

Happy Birthday Emma!

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Taylor and Dad said...

Happy 4th big girl! What a celebration!