An Afternoon at Al-Azhar Park

We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at Al-Azhar Park in Cairo. The tour book calls it “a triumph of thoughtful urban planning” and I think we’d agree. It is set on a large piece of reclaimed land that rises up between Islamic Cairo and the Citadel. This land sits just below Moqattam and was once the city dump. The views from the park are amazing. But the park itself is just as, if not more, amazing. The gardens, ponds, fountains and pathways are unlike anything else we’ve seen in this city. It is clean, well-groomed and peaceful -a nice place to rest from all the busyness of the city. We encountered lots of young adults enjoying an afternoon with friends. And of course they enjoyed our kids! Emma remains a big hit in Egypt. (Several more offers for marriage -“How many camels for your daughter?”) Sam and Sarah Jane were the main attraction at the children’s play area. They quickly attracted a crowd of friends who were excited to talk and play with them. One woman even insisted that Sam hold her baby for a photo!


Adnan said...

This is bringing back fond memories, and we know how you feel (especially about the "mouykheer" green sludge:). But aren't Arabs the most amazing and friendly folks to outsiders?! Would an american woman ever ask a foreign looking boy in a park to hold her baby for a photo?! :)
Thanks for sharing your trip through Egypt with everyone, and hello to Leah. Samy misses her as a babysitter. SBCC Community news listed your website link. Mandy Abbas

Marty Robertson said...

Thanks Mandy. It has been very fun. I'll get the recipe for the mouykheer for you and we'll share stories and a meal when we get back home.