One thing we have noticed along our travels is that European tourists don’t just smile for the camera when they take pictures in front of monuments or dramatic landscapes. They strike poses. Think of cheesy pop-idol poses found in teen magazines. The authorities at these sites often frown upon these poses. Remember how Steve Greig got reprimanded for imitating the Olympic discus thrower? Well, Leah gave us proper lessons in how to strike these poses. Sam and Emma really seem to have the a gift for the pose. Sarah Jane, fortunately, has more common sense. Here are a few of our attempts to blend in with the Euro-tourists.


Sarah Jane


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Ontario Emperor said...

We've hosted European exchange students, and even the shyest one has no problem striking a pose for the camera at any time. Our current exchange student's MySpace profile (no link, it's private) currently features a picture of her, in her prom dress, hanging off of a southern California lifeguard tower...