Good-bye Cairo and Thank You Gillettes!

We are so pleasantly surprised by how much we liked this big city. We knew we would enjoy all the ancient sites, but were not prepared to actually enjoy the city itself. It is a fun place and the people are very kind and warm. And of course, there are so many interesting places to visit. We don’t feel like our visit would have even been half as good as it was though, if it weren’t for the hospitality of some wonderful new friends, Marcus and Kerry Gillette (thanks guys!). They opened their flat to us as they were housesitting for a friend, and this was without ever even meeting us face to face. That’s real bravery! We were introduced via email by mutual friends who just so happen to be staying in our home while we are gone (thanks Mike & Danae!). We began emailing with Kerry last spring and here we ended up in their home and enjoying a new friendship. We had fun times together and were able to orientate ourselves so much easier because of their knowledge and experience here. We loved living in their comfortable and roomy flat in Maadi, a district in Cairo where a lot of ex-pats live. We came to appreciate, and hardly notice, the rumble of the metro right behind us and the honking of horns out front on the street. We loved our lively street (shera teysa -road 9 in Arabic) with lots of good places to eat, get coffee and buy groceries. Thank you Kerry and Marcus for taking us to that great Egyptian restaurant behind your flat. What a feast! From our little haven in Maadi it was fun and easy to go out exploring all over the city via taxi or metro.

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Kerry said...

aw,. you guys are too nice. We really loved having you here too! And, we're so glad that you really enjoyed your time. You are a fantastic family, and we really look forward to seeing you again! I, personally, wish more people like you were out seeing the world. Much love and lots of blessings.
Kerry and Marcus