Ciao Ciao Leah

After three months of schlepping luggage through airports, bus stations, train stations, boat yards, rental cars and taxi cabs together we had to say good-bye to Leah. She decided to wander Spain, Ireland and England a bit on her own before joining up with her boyfriend for the last part of her journey. It has been an incredible blessing to us to have had this time together. She will be greatly missed. And it’s not just the Euro poses or motion sickness stories that we will miss; it will be her constant friendship and help. Thank you Leah. If it’s been written about in this blog, Leah was there to experience it with us. But we thought that it just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t post a few pictures highlighting her adventures with us. They say that a picture can paint a thousand words. Well… here are a few thousand words about Leah. You will be missed.

Leah taught us how to properly pose for pictures.

The joys of having a younger brother.

Leah found a love interest in Athens...

... and in Egypt...

and in Rome.

The picture just before the whistle blower.

We miss you Leah!

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