Where’s Willy?

Amen, Amen-Ra, and Min. Unabashedly these Egyptian gods morph and appear in the ithyphallic form over and over again throughout the Luxor region. Over the millennia modest-minded Christians and Muslims carved the business off of many of these reliefs. Some managed to escape this mutilation. This god is everywhere. Sometimes his hand is down, and all is well. But if his hand is up, so is his willy. It was meant to demonstrate the pharaoh’s potency in this life and the afterlife. I’m not sure how it worked out for the pharaoh, but for my kids, playing “Where’s Willy?” really helped them endure with great strength the long days of tromping through temples. One day while visiting Karnak we decided to have a competition. Leah, Sam, Sarah Jane, and Emma counted 92 willies. Now that’s potency!

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linnie said...

Only you Marty would come up with a game called that! I'm busting up here! My daughter thinks its great!