January 8-9
Santa Barbara to Frankfurt, Germany to Cairo, Egypt

January 9-25
Cairo, Egypt
Giza pyramids, Sphinx, Saqarra pyramids, museums, antiquities, bazaars, Grace

January 26-February 11
Luxor, Egypt (Flats in Luxor)
Luxor and Karnak temples, Thebes, Valley of the Kings, Tomb of Tut, Hatshepsut's Temple,...

February 12-20
Crete and Santorini

February 21-March 13
Athens and surroundings

March 14-22
Thesaloniki, northern Greece,...

March 23-30
Greece with the Greigs

March 31-April 6
Rome with the Griegs

April 7-May 31
Italy, Naples, Rome, Florence, Milan,...

June 1-21
France, Lascaux and A Rocha field study center near Arles

June 22-July 13
London, A Rocha field study centre and surroundings


Jane Akshar - UK Co-owner of said...

Flats in Luxor is honoured to have been chosen for this trip and will do all we can to facilitate your experience. As well as the history I am already thinking of local places you can visit like a training workshop for young women and a nursery for pre school children. Both of which will give you a unique insight into modern Egyptian culture. Together with my bilingual teenage daughter we hope to add to your experience in any way we can.

Jane Akshar

laura said...

Hi Robertson's. I'm so excited for this upcoming adventure for you! (I wish that we could tag along!)
I wanted to give you a couple of dining recommendations:
Ciccia Bomba
via del Governo Vecchio, 76
tel. 68802108
It's close to Piazza Navona. It was recommended by a local. We ate there 2 of our 3 nights in Rome. The 3rd night they were closed! Try their fried zucchini flowers and the Pasta Carbonara.

Osteria Chiacchera
Costa di S. Antonio, 4
tel. 0577/280631 (we had to have a reservation to be seated at their early seating - which was a late dining hour for us anyway)
We found this restaurant through the Rick Steve's guide, I believe. Again, we liked this place so much that we ate there 2 nights of our stay in Siena.

These were our (me and Tammy) favorite dining experiences during our 4 weeks in Italy. If you want, I can find my book that tells how much we spent at each restaurant.

Of course, you will probably eat a lot of gelato in Italy ... it's everywhere and it's fabulous. Vivoli's in Florence probably has the largest selection that we saw anywhere and it's scrumptuous. It was a recommendation that Craig had given me ... from his college trip to Europe.

I know that you'll be on a budget, but we loved the Enjoy Rome - Ancient Rome tour. (It was $15/each.) 3 hours - covered the Colosseum, Forum, Palatine Hill, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, & Piazza Navona. One of the most interesting parts of it was how well he reconstructed the Forum for us, in our minds. (Maybe, though, Marty knows enough that you don't need something like this.)

I think that Megan told me that you'll be going to Cinque Terre. We stayed a few nights in Vernazza and one night in Riomaggiore. We liked Riomaggiore better because it felt less touristy (foreigners & Italians). We felt like we saw more local culture in the latter. However, because you'll be there in the off season, it may not make a difference.

If you do end up going to Istanbul or any other locations in Turkey, let me know and I'll send you my favorites of those places.

I can't wait to check this blog and read of all your adventures!!!!!!

- Laura

Marty Robertson said...

Thanks for your ideas Laura. Keep em coming. We are in the process of setting dates and places in Italy right now. Talk to you soon. Paz.