Wish List/Budget

Anticipated Needs

Equipment – These items are being sought through gifts-in-kind.
  • Still Needed
  • Software Final Cut Express - Thanks to my class, I now own this. You all are the greatest!
  • PhotoShop CS2 - I have an older version but this would be a nice upgrade.

  • Travel Clothing (Still need some items)
  • MacBook laptop with AirPort Extreme and a SuperDrive (On loan from school!)
  • Software – iLife, iWork, Office 2004, QuickTime Pro, and iDVD (Purchased!)
  • Canon PowerShot S80 with two 1-GB memory cards or equivalent (Purchased!)
  • Canon Digital Video Camera Optura 600 or equivalent (Will use still camera's video capabilities instead)
  • Mp3 recording device for audio recording of guides and field notes (EDIROL R-1 Portable Recorder w/ 2x1GB) or equivalent (iPod with microphone - Thank you Santa!)
  • Palm LifeDrive w/ GPS for note taking in the field (Palm TX no GPS)
  • Electrical Converters (Purchased from Magellan Travel Supply)
  • Luggage and protective cases for equipment
  • Cell Phone with international coverage (Telestial)
  • Travel Backpacks (Purchased from Magellan Travel Supply)

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